You’re looking for a great bar? We’re looking for great customers! We should get together!

In New Orleans and Metairie, finding a bar is easy. Finding a bar you want to come back to again and again… that’s a little harder. We’re confident that you’ll find just that if you drop by the Rivershack Tavern, though. We have a huge range of drinks and beers for you to sample, and we also have the food and live music that can make your night complete!

We’ve got a huge selection of draft beers waiting for you. In fact, you’ll have to make two trips to sample every tap; there’s no way you’ll make it through all of them in one night. (Don’t take that as a challenge!) We have local, domestic, and imported brews. There’s always a full range of Abita on tap, and you can sample some wilder beers, too. From an aggressive local IPA (NOLA Hopitoulas) to an amazingly drinkable Euro pilsner (Pilsner Urquell) to a deep, dark, mysterious German lager (Warsteiner Dunkel), we can match you up with the beer of your dreams.

Our bartenders pride themselves on their mixological wizardry. They can put together any drink you can name, and about a dozen you can’t. Check out the nightly specials if you’re in the mood for a walk on the wild side. You should also try our regulars’ favorites, like the beloved River Rita. It’ll cool you down, smooth you out, and then fire you up again.

Good drinks at great prices are only part of what makes the Rivershack the finest Metairie bar you’ll ever visit. You’ll be able to kick back and really get comfortable thanks to our local tavern atmosphere. There’s no snootiness, no fancy dress code; just a pack of friendly folks having fun because that’s what they do. We’d love for you to join us and become part of the regular Rivershack crowd.

Don’t forget that we have an amazing menu of fresh, hot food, as well as live music five nights a week! The Rivershack is the only stop you need to make to enjoy a great night out on the town. Come on over and see what the fuss is about; we’ll bet that your first visit won’t be your last!

Beer Menu



Miller Lite


Michelob Ultra

Michelob Amberbock



Bud Light

Miller Lite

Coors Light

Bud Ice


Bud Light Lime


Buckler N/A

Miller High Life

MGD 64

Bud Select

Bud Select 55

Michelob Ultra

Shiner Bock

Rolling Rock


Anchor Steam

Anchor Porter



Abita Amber

Abita Purple Haze

Abita Andygator

Abita Seasonal

NOLA Hopitoulas

Tin Roof


Abita Amber

Abita Turbodog

Abita Seasonal


Covington Strawberry



Blue Moon

Pilsner Urquell

Harp Lager

Bass Ale


Warsteiner Dunkel

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


Kronenburg 1664




Stella Artois

Corona / Corona Light

Red Stripe

Heineken / Heineken Light

Dos XX Amber / Lager

St. Pauli Girl

Amstel Light

Woodchuck Amber

Fox Barrell Pear Cider

Crispin Apple Cider

Crispin Hard Apple

Smirnoff Ice