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Home of the Tacky Ashtray

Welcome to the Rivershack Tavern.
Home of the Tacky Ashtray!!!!!!

Located on Historic River Road, adjacent to the Mississippi River, the Rivershack has been described as a cross between a neighborhood tavern, a live music club, a sports bar and a small town restaurant. Along with interesting memorabilia, the ’Shack’ is known for it’s collection of tacky ashtrays and famous ‘bar legs’. Bring us your best try at a tacky ashtray and we will trade you a cocktail of our choice. While you’re drinking it, don’t look down but you are probably sitting on a pair of unusual legs! All our barstools are hand made from different characters such as the Golfer to the Shrimper or even the Biker.


10    FRI    Cold Shot

11     SAT    Walter Wolfman Washington

17    FRI    Vance Orange

18    SAT    Carson Station

22   WED    Thanksgiving Eve with Snake Oil

24   FRI     Upperline

25   SAT     Clay Diamond Quartet