Located on Historic River Road, adjacent to the Mississippi River, the Rivershack Tavern has been described as a cross between a neighborhood tavern, a live music club, a sports bar, and a small-town restaurant. Along with interesting memorabilia, the “Shack” is known for its collection of tacky ashtrays and famous “bar legs.” Bring us your best try at a tacky ashtray and we will trade you a cocktail of our choice. While you’re drinking it, don’t look down but you are probably sitting on a pair of unusual legs! All our barstools are hand-made from different characters such as the Golfer to the Shrimper or even the Biker.


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    The Rivershack crowd comes from all walks of life

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    Huge Beer Selection

    Our Drinks
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    Open Late, All Week

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    Live Music Almost Every Night

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Soak up the booze with our shack-a-tizers, boigers, and more!

our menu


Our bartenders can put together any drink you can name, and about a dozen, you can’t.



Soak up the booze with our shack-a-tizers, boigers, and more!




3449 River Road
Jefferson, LA


Kitchen Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 11-10pm
Friday: 11-10pm
Saturday: 11-10pm
Sunday: 11-10pm

Bar open til every night