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Rivershack Tavern


Characterized as New Orleans’ most unusual bar, the Rivershack Tavern is known to have been, at various times, a grocery store, a bar, a restaurant, a package liquor store, and a pharmacy. The “shack” was thrust into the national spotlight when old asbestos shingles were removed from the sides of the 100-year-old building. Underneath, miraculously preserved for over half of a century, were large, vibrantly colored, hand-painted advertisements from the 1940s in virtual mint condition!

The Rivershack Tavern is also the home of the Tacky Ashtray. The Rivershack’s collection grew when drinks were traded for ashtrays brought in by customers. Don’t forget to bring in YOUR tacky ashtray – we’ll trade you for the drink of our choice! The tackiness of your ashtray will determine the value of the beverage.

1992 brought the addition of the Rivershack’s famous “Bar Legs” barstools. Made on the premises, these barstools are designed to reflect people from all walks of life. Included in the collection you’ll find the Golfer, the Cowboy, and the Shrimper.


New Orleans Suburban Directories list the tenants of 3449 River Road (or 3449 Riverside Drive before 1961) as the following:

early 1900s-1949Towes Bar & Grocery – Walter J. Teolet
1952-1953Slepter’s Bar
1954-1957Golda’s Bar (liquor store) – Mrs. Golda Brooks
1960-1973Riverside Inn (tavern)
1975Eleanora Washington
1978-1989Riverside Inn (tavern & restaurant)
1990-PresentThe Rivershack Tavern (bar & restaurant)